Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is your turn around time in providing a profile?
    • For interpreters, the minimum required time is 3 working days and may extend up to a week depending on the number of interpreters required and the language combination complexity
    • For translation of documents, the standard turn around time is 2,500 words maximum in 2 working days
    • For language instructors, depending on the language, location and schedule, matching a profile may require minimum 3 working days to 2 weeks
  2. What are the minimum credentials required for an individual to be a part of your talent pool?
    • In every service, we carefully choose the person we work with from small to large-scale projects. Talents matched to client requirements will be required to have at least five years of relevant experience and a certain number of hours or translated words as experience.
  3. Is it possible to choose the talents and be provided with options?
    • We believe that for different folks, there are different strokes. One Language understands that clients will have preference; hence we have at least two sets or profiles to choose from. In addition, we can initiate an interview process of a maximum 10 minutes by call for some languages just to set an expectation and so that clients will have a feel of how our partners work prior to engaging the service.
  4. What if I am not satisfied with your services, what do I do?
    • Once the service is delivered and completed, we would appreciate our clients to raise any issues or feedback to the team by informing your Account Manager or Project Manager of any dissatisfaction within 48 hours. Based on the investigation we will internally initiate, we will offer applicable discounts and will make sure that our working partners will be aware of our customer’s feedback.
  5. Do you provide any sort of report after the project is executed?
    • Yes, we can prepare a simple report of the whole process from the beginning to the conclusion of a project, including milestones reached, risks involved as well as conflict resolutions.